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Some new stuff!

2012-09-12 03:51:45 by hatchet130

So! Its been a while since i've actually blogged on here so why not!

I've started a new project!

Check out my new song "Cannibal" ft. Blest!

(aka Eli Grin), is an Underground Hip Hop artist, rising out of Pasadena, MD. After years of listening, and writing, in mid 2012, GRIN has finally decided to step out of the darkness and rip through the Maryland hiphop scene with his intense lyrics, murderous flow, and sick, dark mind.

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Some new stuff!


2008-01-31 10:07:13 by hatchet130

I need just some BASIC flash help...

1. Stick help
2. Button help
and 3. Music help :\

First post! FLASH: "MY NG"

2008-01-02 11:12:55 by hatchet130

I'm thinking about making a My NG flash. Not a rip off of Allen Awesomes original. But one to start out with flash.

I Haven't made any yet and i think that it'd be a good start.....

what do you think?

Comments welcomed

First post! FLASH: "MY NG"